‘Styling’ your web experience


Whether you’re a graphic designer or not, eventually you will find yourself thinking – “Why is this font so small”, or “I wish they haven’t put this massive ad banner here” . Sometimes a single design decision can ruin your experience with a favourite website…

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How to get tickets to sold-out plays at Royal Opera House. Heart-shaped piece of PHP


As the Valentine’s day is slowly approaching I wanted to take my girlfriend to some nice play. Found out that Royal Opera House is showing Swan Lake. As you might expect the whole season was sold out… or was it? People often return tickets and they become available on the website. Problem is there is no

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New OS for Mac, Yosemite – not for everyone (still)


Couple of years ago Apple introduced iCloud, which seemed to be a first, good shot at innovating few decades old file system. With iOS 8 and Yosemite apple introduces iCloud Drive, a completely ‘new’ approach – which in fact forces us to throw all our files back in one bag, where it was prior the iCloud.

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Meet Aretha

Aretha – a very personal cloud drive and more

In my previous post I tried to outline few benefits of a home server. It happened that the plastic casing of the HP MediaSmart Server didn’t make it to my Top Ten favourite elements of interior design. Also a computer that holds three fans and four 3.5” mechanical hard drives can be quite noisy. I

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Personal cloud redefined


My adventure with personal cloud started few years ago, when a customer came into a computer shop I was working in that time asked to recycle his old electronic junk. One of his items happened to be a HP MediaSmart home server – a very capable device. Setting it up is bit challenging and it’s

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Retina display sprites with Sass & Compass


The code below allows you to automatically create and easily maintain sprite maps for both standard-resolution and high-resolution screens keeping CSS definitions to a required minimum. From my small research I learned that around 30% of all visitors to my website has devices equipped with high resolution displays today. I said hey! using only a

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Data visualisation of user agent statistics


In my earlier post I shared the code to collect the website visitors’ device technical specifications. That data is a very helpful in web design as it allows us to target most popular screen sizes, browser types, devices etc, allowing majority of visitors to have best possible user experience without going for a complex and

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Collecting browser statistics data


For those who would like to tinker with collecting user-agent data I share my code to read the technical information from the visitor’s browsers. That data is very helpful in creating user-friendly, optimal websites, websites that look good and deliver important content on all the modern devices. I urge you to add this code (or

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A bunch of fresh user device statistics


Last year I wrote a post on most common screen resolutions used by people visiting the website I was working on. Those stats helped me to optimise my layout for a typical browser viewport used by potential clients. As the ‘user agent’ research proved to be helpful in the design process I decided to go for

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9 things that will get you more money and satisfaction from work

Every commercial activity and non-profit organisation has a logo. Freelancers, musicians, corporations, butchers, all have a common goal usually – to differentiate their products from competition or/and fit in a trend. At least they should be doing that if they want to succeed, but often they just choose to release their long forgotten creative talent instead.

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