9 things that will get you more money and satisfaction from work

Every commercial activity and non-profit organisation has a logo. Freelancers, musicians, corporations, butchers, all have a common goal usually – to differentiate their products from competition or/and fit in a trend. At least they should be doing that if they want to succeed, but often they just choose to release their long forgotten creative talent instead.

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A problem with code ‘crafting’

I love my job, and take my work very seriously, but to start treating what are essentially ones and zeroes as a craft, or a labour of love, is entirely misguided. Our job is more serious than craft, which implies hobby, or pastime. I don’t want my plumber to ‘lovingly hand-craft his U-bends’, I want

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Architectural photo-retouch of Hampton Court House

Hampton Court House

A photo-editing process of the main image on Hampton Court House website, also used in advertisement, prospectus and other publications.

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XP-stalgia – VirtualBox


VirtualBox is a free program that allows you to run all sorts of virtual machines on your Mac.

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Pixel-perfect work in Adobe Illustrator

Icon editing in Adobe Illustrator

I always favoured Illustrator over Photoshop in designing for web. With new features focused on pixels the rivalry between both applications became even tougher.

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Lichtenstein meets 3D pixel art in Minecraft

Lichtenstein meets minecraft

On-line multiplayer game, perfect for practicing spatial orientation, sense of proportion and to work (very close) with pixels (in 3D!) – a disappearing craft, still useful one, though – especially when working on fine details and icons for web and (older) devices.

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Browser window size statistics for webdesign (education sector)


A short summary of a quick web research. Which screen resolution is most common these days? Well, it’s a bit complicated – most people use 1300px and wider but many of them view web pages in less than 1000px.

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Arial vs Helvetica

Web developer add-on screen shot

Most people don’t pay attention to shape of letters. I think 80% barely realise there are serif and non-serif fonts. It doesn’t mean they don’t feel the difference if paragraphs and headlines are poorly set – they may simply say ‘there is something wrong’ but they are not sure what it is.

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Tibetan theme bedroom decor

Tibetan theme bedroom wallpaper design

Design and create visual of your house/flat/room new interior design? It’s easy with Photoshop, internet connection and all your imagination. You don’t even need to leave your bed – very good for lazy Sunday mornings. A handful of Photoshop tricks and techniques to impose and blend various images.

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Creating a website in shabby chic style

shabby chic flower shop

Shabby chic style characterises a sweet combination of vintage objects and grunge textures. It often goes beyond kitsch, but if used with care can be stylish, too.

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