Pi-hole, an effective ad-block for your entire home/office network

Each time I come back home and my devices connect to my wifi the websites and apps suddenly become less cluttered and content more relevant.

With Pi-hole you can easily block access to unwanted tracking and analytics, advertising and malware servers for all devices connected to your local network. And no one will even notice apart from you of course. Also everyone who happens to use your wifi.

All you need is a spare Raspi or other small, credit-card size computer that can run 24/7 at your place and a bit of patience to set it all up.

Pi-hole official website contains essential information on requirements and installation process.

You can also buy devices with preinstalled Pi-hole on Amazon or Ebay.

A popular website Speed-test.net
Left: browsing on a standard network;
Right: browsing on a network with Pi-hole running.

Apart from unwanted ads, Pi-hole also protects you from accessing suspicious servers. You can easily disable access to any custom servers as well as making it rather efficient e. g. parental control device (providing yr kids won’t use the cellular network lol).

The beauty of this solution is that you won’t ever need any additional ad-block software on your devices. Well… as long as you won’t leave your house/office where Pi-hole is installed ;-)

Unconvinced? Check out Linus Tech Tips on YouTube.

How does it work?

Pi-hole filters all DNS requests on your local network comparing them against it’s ever-growing databases.

In other words a page or an app is not able to sends and receive any data from or to blacklisted servers. All those requests are redirected to the localhost.

You can edit both black and whitelist to customise it further.

Pi-hole interface is very intuitive.

On our home network Pi-hole blocks sometimes even up to over 20% of overall traffic which consists of tracking data, spam and ads.


Pi-hole is best set-and-forget solution have I ever came across. You hardly even notice it is even there. You do notice if it is not there, though. :D

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