Content embedding – staff profiles

Staff AKA team and their profiles are often referenced in various sections of a website. Simply copying and pasting the relevant text, images and links into an article’s content might quickly become a maintenance nightmare. Every time there is a change we’d need to chase and update all references.

We can simply type e. g. [insert person='Maciek Rek'] or use a custom GUI element which will generate the short-code which then will render the relevant v-card in the front-end of the website.

It can be taken a step further and rather than referencing the actual person we could just specify the role e. g. [insert role='Deputy Head'] or virtually any detail that we find useful.

The v-card content and appearance can be customised if needed by adding additional arguments such as whether to show contact details: [insert person='Maciek Rek' contact='show’]. Any field of the v-card can be turn on and off to show only relevant details.

Showing relevant information depending on context.
Main Teachers page has a different layout depending on screen size.
V-card is designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of the page.
Expandable content can be turn on or off. In the above example it shows excerpt from teacher’s bio to provide easier access for prospective parents browsing the site.


Having a central repository for content that is reused in various places is a great way of reducing maintenance times and errors.

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