Capture One quick overview

Straightening of an image and perspective correction is very intuitive – to rotate simply draw a line along the vertical or horizontal element. To correct the perspective use a special guide-lines as shown in the example below.


Working on images in RAW format is where Capture One really shines. The interface is very intuitive and allows for efficient work. All basic filters such as white balance, exposition, clarity are of a high accuracy. Also there is a great noise reduction, retouch tools, chromatic aberration correction and many more.

The function I really like, and miss in Adobe Camera Raw, is ability to work on adjustment layers and with masks, same as in Photoshop.







If you’re in a hurry you can try auto-adjustment [⌘L]. In many cases it should be a fair solution to quickly balance levels in images. Though this tool tendends to ‘burn-out’ the image, it would be a good idea to control how much of the bright tones is being cut-out [⌘E].


Original RAW images downloaded from:

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