Distraction-free YouTube

It is often difficult to search for a content on a particular subject with all those distracting click-bait thumbnails scattered around.

YouTube homepage: original (left) and customised (right)

Luckily, Safari on Mac has a useful function allowing you to insert a custom CSS stylesheet.

YouTube video page: original (left), customised (right) – without ‘suggestions’ sidebar.
YouTube video page with chat: original (left), customised (right) – without ‘suggestions’ sidebar.

Other browsers then Safari might need an additional extension to customise the look of pages on the web.

The code

/* YT */

    display:none !important;
ytd-browse[page-subtype="home"] {
    /* here is my YT background wallpaper, leave it or use a different url */
    background-position:50% 50%;

#content {

Access the junk content

There is an easy way to see whatever YouTube algorithm has come-up with, even with a ‘cleaned’ homepage. You can just click on the ‘Trending’ link. Personally, I am never tempted to do so…

The ‘Trending’ link on customised YouTube homepage.

A little extra

Below there is a CSS snippet to improve the readability of Wikipedia articles. It changes the default, tiny, sans-serif font to slightly larger Georgia as well as limits the length of a verse.

/* Wikipedia */
.mediawiki .mw-content-ltr {
	font-family: Georgia, serif;
	font-size: 17px;
	line-height: 1.6em;
.mediawiki .mw-content-ltr p {
	max-width: 36em;
Wikipedia article: original (left), customised (right)
Wikipedia article: original (left), customised (right)

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