Hampton Court House Identity

Brand identity for independent school.

The refresh brings a contemporary twist to a traditional crest design with an increased emphasis on digital applications.

Alternative, responsive versions of the sign can be used depending on the needs and help to design better layouts.

Bembo font used in the logo, has it’s origins in Bologna, Italy – home of the very first university in the world.

The trademark and font harmonises with architectural style of the venue.

Frutiger, a sans-serif font used in publications, prospectuses, advertisement, outdoor and digital. It can be also substituted with Myriad or Open Sans when required.

Calisto is mainly used in communications. It's been chosen for it’s strong character, legibility as well as good availability on Windows and macOS computers. Bembo is also used in publications, display and advertisement, where more of a traditional feel is required.

Sketching both on paper and in Adobe Illustrator.

The palette has been based on the main colours chosen by the children of Hampton Court House. Strong and interesting combination communicates well the Organisation’s culture.

The headed paper looks stunning on Conqueror Wove Brilliant White.