HCH logo and business stationery redesign

Fortiter in re, suaviter in modo – motto of Hampton Court House, independent school for ages 3–16 is attributed to Claudio Acquaviva, 16th century Italian Jesuit priest and became a tag-line for many organisations since then. School logos are a bit different than most of modern, corporate logos – they are usually more elaborate and complex.

One of the main elements of this rebranding was to make the wings in the logo look more ‘protective’ – that was achieved by bending them upwards.

The logo uses 3 inks – black, light grey and light pink and is suitable to reproduce on most mediums including embroidery on school uniforms. Two different sets of business cards has been designed to suit the HCH different purposes as a private school, centre of education as well as events venue and filming location.

Photo-edit of Hampton Court House
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