Logo for Natural Wood Designs

Raw wood textures and diamonds. Diamonds symbolise quality, durability, hardiness, luxury and uniqueness.


Typeface used in logo is a modified version of good ol’ Times New Roman Bold. I like the way Times allows for cutting off the glyph elements without loosing legibility. I used Scala Italic for the text part of the logo. I needed to alter the angle of italics to match the logo’s main bit. Version of the logo with the text at the bottom utilises Scala Regular.


As the client specified their preferences, I didn’t have much of a choice as to stick with golden, silver and brown. They also wanted the logo to have ‘shiny metallic’ effect, drop shadow effect, and gradient fill in the background.



Wood and cutting axe, wood and diamonds, the shape of the letters themselves were the elements that inspired a winning design.

I produced two other versions, as well. First example inspired by a wood knot and my favourite circular shape, the second one by a waving trees, a pattern of a wooden plank and V&A logo that I admire.

Design brief

I came across a company offering spec work for designers – 99designs. I didn’t win any competition, though I submitted two t-shirt designs, but I found a very nice, quick and easy logo design brief over there (I think you need to register in order to get your hands on it).

There is a section in that brief which I really like – a sort of ‘interactive mood equaliser’. Unfortunately our client left it untouched. I was seriously disappointed. I used this brief as a reference for creating our own one, It is very condense, easy to understand and it works perfect with a budget logo designs.