Logo & Graphic Identity for BBP

The Client

Anti-food waste event in Brixton on Fri 23rd Nov. Courtesy of BBP.

‘Best Before’ Project is an anti food-waste organization working in partnership with businesses, charities and community groups.

[…] Making people willing to consume food with “best before” date passed will significantly reduce losses of the retail trade, allowing shopkeepers to sell nearly everything they have on shelves instead of wasting it. This, of course, will cut demand from wholesalers to the manufacturers, and in consequence should stop the vast overproduction of food. . […]

Source: www.bestbefore.org.uk, find BBP on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

General Concept

A simple, appealing, and recognisable icon which communicates green, eco-friendly, and organic. The Logo needed to be easy to reproduce in several forms, using inexpensive print methods.

The Sign

I came up with a tin as it is closely relates to food preservation. It also has a nice, round shape creating a powerful and coherent symbol. Letters  ‘BB’ (abbreviation from Best Before) are made of dots to recall the style of the ‘best before’ date printed on food packaging.


The font used in the logo is Futura Bold designed in 1927. Its classic feel gives the impression that BBP is long established. My other ideas oscillated between lowercase Helvetica Bold and AtomicClockRadio – a dotted font used finally in the tin symbol.

I used Rotis Sans Serif as a main font – it appears on stationery and main body texts. Clear, informal, yet its distinctive look communicates BBP’s message. It also compliments the Futura logo.

In some cases I also used Helvetica Condensed Black – mainly to emphasise the most important information on a page, and Myriad Pro Bold for a very small print (it is necessary since Rotis isn’t legible enough, especially in inverted print).


I used organic green as the main colour in the logo and as a footer for letters to emphasise an eco-friendly and sustainable conscious organisation. It also looks good alongside black lettering.


Inspiration for the logo comes from food tins. Its round shape creates an appealing and powerful image that conveys similar meanings in various cultures e.g. continuum, wholeness and nurturing.