HCH School Website

A custom website designed and developed for an independent school at Hampton Court House.

A service that encompasses targeted business goals and informative functions for staff, pupils and parents.

A service that communicates organisation’s values and culture as well as establishes brand identity.

Built with ‘mobile first’ principle.

Reliable and made to last whilst flexible to accommodate changing trends.

Following there are 13 selected features of this bespoke build.

The staff profiles and staff gallery, a simple shortcode allows for quick embedding.

News feeds that fit well on a smallest screen and gracefully expand.

Contextual navigation presents relevant items to the user. It also helps to flatten the structure.

Heroes that are consistent with the relevant image links.

Any page can be extensively customised without any overhead to the rest of the website.

Media galleries that work well with any user interface – touch, mouse and keyboard users, we have you covered!

Primary and secondary Call to Action – a bespoke breakpoint system helps to attune for various device options.

Website Diary is synced with Claris aka FileMaker database via custom script. Bye, bye CRM.

Selected Emails to Parents can be easily published on the website from any device with email client.

Email headers are stored in the website’s database and are indexable. Message’s body is pulled directly from IMAP mailbox on request.

Prospective parents can now easily book multiple Open Days events by submitting only one form.

Adding Open Days events is as simple as creating a blog post.

Custom types and Navigation menus are cleaned-up to reduce clutter in the admin panel. It is also more secure to remove certain options from WordPress.

Search results that are customisable are more relevant.

Search queries can be internally monitored and frequently occurring keywords assigned to articles.

Sitemap has two different views, one for public and other for logged-in users.

A special, emergency notice can be easily added or removed. It appears on every article, right below the main menu.

Hampton Court House website is a bespoke theme built on WordPress CMS. The core of the theme is shared with HCH Events Website project. In other words ‘_base’ of the theme can be pushed to both websites making it easier to upgrade them with new functionality.