Hampton Court House School Website

Website design and development for independent school.

The main goal was to create a service that encompasses targeted business goals and informative functions for staff, pupils and parents.

A service that communicates organisation’s values and culture as well as establishes brand identity.

The ‘mobile first’ principle ensures easy access on all devices.

The website is packed with a custom functionality such as staff profiles repository. A simple shortcode allows for embedding a profile in a page or post.

In the News feed the posts are normalised. Long posts are automatically split or trimmed and appropriate links generated preserving the integrity of HTML document. Each post fits well on even a smallest screen improving the browsing experience.

The picture-links and corresponding hero images are consistent allowing for quick identification of viewed content.

Bleeding images inspired by designing for print.

I developed a light-weight media galleries and sliders that support touch, mouse and keyboard input simultaneously. They can be easily integrated into page-flow using a native WordPress gallery’ short-code providing uninterrupted browsing experience.

Homepage layout and CTA placement respond to screen shape and size for optimal experience.

The structure of the content has been designed to have maximum of three levels. Multiple, contextual menus provide intuitive navigation through over 1000 articles.

Cooperating with IT specialist we built an important feature called ‘Diary’. It is synced with the organisation’s Claris (FileMaker) system and published on the website along with a relevant Google calendar links generated automatically.

‘Emails to Parents’ functionality is powered by a regular IMAP mailbox synced with the website. With a simple action of moving an email message to a dedicated mailbox, the staff is able to publish them on the website. It allows for further indexing by the internal and external search engines such as Google.

Multiple Open Days can be selected at the same time making it easier for prospective clients to book their chosen dates. A relevant CTA is always visible in the top navigation, even on small screens.

Open Days dates are automatically hidden when the schedule date passes.

Used custom types to differentiate content; removed unnecessary and potentially unsafe items such as plugins management; made the navigation menus tab easier to access.

Vacancies are one of the custom types with their unique metadata and formatting.

Our People custom type is used to manage staff profiles. With it's additional fields and ability to link a staff profile with any page, it is a powerful and maintainable tool.

Utilised the WordPress’ native ’tag’ functionality to improve the internal website search.

Customised search results show additional, useful details making finding the right article easier.

Two different views for the sitemap for public and logged-in users.

An special emergency notice can be easily added and removed by a member of staff.