HCH School Website

Website design and development for an independent school at Hampton Court House.

The main goal was to create a service that encompasses targeted business goals and informative functions for staff, pupils and parents.

A service that communicates organisation’s values and culture as well as establishes brand identity.

Built with ‘mobile first’ pattern.

Bespoke staff profiles functionality. A shortcode allows for quick embedding on any page.

News feed on a small screen.

Hero images and box-links.

Every section or page can have unique style and/or functionality.

Media galleries are optimised for touch, mouse and keyboard input.

Above and below-the-fold CTAs.

Navigation menus shown depend on the context.

‘Diary’ is synced with Claris/FileMaker via FTP.

‘Emails to Parents’ are pulled from IMAP server and automatically converted into web content ready to be indexed.

User can select multiple ‘Open Days’ events and fill only a single form to book them together.

In the back-end, the scheduling of Open Days is as simple as creating a blog post.

Custom types differentiate content. Access to potentially unsafe items such as plugins management has been restricted. The Navigation menus tab made easier to access than in vanilla WP.

Vacancies are one of the custom types.

Our People custom type for managing staff profiles.

Important content can be tagged with custom keywords, even misspelled ones.

Two different views for the sitemap, a simple one for public view and an extended one for logged-in users.

A special, emergency notice can be turn on/off and edited by a member of staff.