The website for SCP is a good example how flexible WordPress, that started out as a blogging engine, can be. I filled this fully responsive and packed with great jQuery theme with bespoke banners, graphics and artworks. I also enhanced the theme with a few extra functional features such as sending large files (up to 200GB), and number of online forms (e. g. design briefs).


An unique feature is embedding Google Drive spreadsheets on some pages. This is particularly useful for frequently changing content such as price lists and special offers that can be updated without logging in to WordPress control panel.

Edit, mid 2019

This little project is quite important to me for various reasons. It marks the beginning of freelance, was the last one I worked on while still in a regular employment. At that time I was hesitating between various possibilities of professional development finally choosing to focus on web design. I was also considering various CMS systems and settling on WordPress. =D