Light and simple feel usually requires more work ‘behind the scenes’. This website has been designed with the performance, ease of navigation and also as intuitive as possible admin editing in mind.

Built on the versatile WordPress CMS this theme is very lightweight, beautiful and lighting fast. Despite all the limitations of the WordPress platform, which was designed mainly for blogging, we managed to create an intuitive way of content update system via control panel. The website doesn’t require any additional plugins (apart from the multilingual plugin) and utilises only standard WordPress functions to ensure the compatibility with future versions of the platform and security.

Dynamic content of the ElisaB theme

portfolio and albums

Portfolio items are simply WordPress posts with a relevant post category assigned to them. They appear on the website in the reversed chronological order. Albums are automatically created from the portfolio categories and taking the latest artwork in the album as a album thumbnail.


Again, to display them in proper order a standard WordPress posts are being utilised here, with a little twist. The posts with the scheduled future date are being displayed as Upcoming, and the posts already published are shown under Past. In order to show the Ongoing exhibitions the ‘post meta’ containing the exhibition’s start date is used.

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