Editing RAW images with Capture One

Capture One is a perfect tool for editing RAW images either directly from a camera hooked-up with a computer or from resources neatly organised in useful albums and stored on a hard drives. Its intuitive interface allows you to quickly apply all basic corrections such as white balance, exposition, clarity etc. with great accuracy. It also allows you to clear the noise, manually remove spots and dust, reduce chromatic aberration and many more. The function I really like, and miss in e.g. Adobe Camera Raw, is ability to work on adjustment layers with masks – as in Photoshop.







If you’re in a hurry you can try auto-adjustment [⌘L]. In many cases it should be a fair solution to quickly balance levels in images. Though this tool tendends to ‘burn-out’ the image, it would be a good idea to control how much of the bright tones is being cut-out [⌘E].
Straightening of an image and perspective correction is also very intuitive – to rotate simply draw a line along the vertical or horizontal element. To correct the perspective use a special guide-lines as shown in the example below.



Original RAW images downloaded from: www.rawsamples.ch